Panel Glide Blinds

living room panel glide blind

Designed for smooth functionality, panel blinds are particularly ideal for spaces that are framed by larger windows or glass doors. They can be pulled apart during the daytime to expose beautiful garden views or break up a room and can be drawn close at night time for privacy.

Known for their versatility in both residential and commercial spaces, panel glides are a great choice to control light, glare and privacy.


 What options are available?

 The fabric controls the amount of light that comes in and is available in blockout, light-filtering and sun-filtering fabrics, each providing a different level of light control.

Which windows and doors are they best suited to?

  • Block out panel glides over a large doorway
  • You can use them as room dividers to slide the panels and easily stack them neatly behind one another to open up a space or allow maximum light into the space.
  • Best suited for patio or French doors, closet doors and sliding doorways.