Vertical Blinds

Living room vertical blind

Classic and modern vertical blinds offer a great balance between style and functionality, with a relaxed and graceful look that makes them well-suited for wider windows and sliding doors.


Vertical blinds have simple, easy-to-use fingertip controls that rotate the individual slats through 180 degrees. By adjusting the tilt of these slats, you get to have absolute control over the amount of light coming into the space and the level of desired privacy. Even when they’re fully closed, they let a bit of light in, giving your interior a soft glow and blend seamlessly with your existing décor.

 What options are available?

  • Extensive range of stunning fabrics available in warm and cool palettes
  • Classic plains and patterned prints inspired from the rich hues of sunny Queensland
  • Also available are blackout fabrics for brighter rooms that require light-filtering


When should I use vertical blinds?

  • If your home has single glazed windows, vertical blinds are a great go-to to keep your home cooler for longer in summer. When the temperature dips, the insulation offered by blinds will keep the space cosy.
  • Vertical blinds are an excellent option for filtering the light and heat that enters the space through windows. Blackout fabrics are a great go-to for bright light situations to reduce the soft glow entering between the vertical slats.


Technical Specifications

 Our vertical blinds are available in either 127 mm, 89 mm blades and can either be fixed at the bottom with traditional link chain or use the more popular chainless weights system. Talk to one of our experts to work out the best solutions for you.

Which windows and doors are they best suited to?

  • Vertical blinds add coverage to a full-length sliding glass door
  • Large windows or doors in a sunroom
  • Perfect for the kitchen given their easy maintenance