Custom Blinds Gold Coast

Custom Blinds Gold Coast​

QLD Blinds and Security — Choose Custom Blinds for Your Gold Coast Home

Make your windows an excellent focal point of the room by decorating your Gold Coast property with custom blinds. They are a great choice as window coverings because of the heat protection, privacy, and insulation they provide.

Homes on the Gold Coast with single glazed windows can greatly benefit from custom blinds. They maintain indoor coolness longer during Australia’s summer months. Once the temperature decreases, the insulation delivered by the blinds makes your home more comfortable.

Custom blinds are also great for blocking light during the day. When you work the night shift, or you have an infant at home, block out blinds are great for better sleep.

Our team at QLD Blinds & Security will deliver you the best advice for your indoor space. Our range of custom blinds will match the look and functionality you require. Whether you need them for your living areas or bedroom, our expert will install them for you.

Custom Blinds on the Gold Coast | Frequently Asked Questions

At QLD Blinds & Security, we understand that you may have questions about custom blinds for your Gold Coast property.

Yes. Our custom blinds are covered by a warranty of 16 years.

Absolutely! We understand the particular needs of every home. We will present you with the best products from our wide selection.

We measure your windows and doors to ensure that the custom blinds will fit perfectly. Moreover, we guide you through the different options so that you can choose the right blinds for your home. Whether you need them to soften the light from the sun’s glare or for privacy, we will give our recommendations.

Custom Blinds Gold Coast​

How to Budget For Custom Blinds in Your Gold Coast Home

When you install suitable custom blinds in your Gold Coast property, you can maximise their advantages. That’s why it’s important to invest in the kind that you will use in the long term.

We’ve listed the things to consider when setting a budget for your new Gold Coast home, or the renovation expenses for custom blinds, shutters, and screens:

  • The type of window you’ll be using.
  • When choosing a window embellishment, the kind of fabric determines the price. For example, vertical blinds and roller blinds are more economical than plantation shutters.
  • An option chosen by some of our clients is the strategic mixing of plantation shutters for the house entrance or specific rooms, and elegant roller blinds for the other windows.
  • The size of your window. Remember that the measurement of the window prior to the completion will differ from the finished product. Our quote will be based on your measurements coming from the floor plan.

Our custom blinds on the Gold Coast ensure that you’ll get window coverings that fit exactly to your window. Call us for an initial consultation.

Most Requested

Plantation Shutters

100% Australian Made Plantation Shutters with a 3 week turn around time. Our shutters are made here so don’t wait for them to arrive from china.

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Living room roller blind
Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds are the most cost-effective and sort after blinds today, they provide a smooth and attractive look to any room whilst maintaining a modern façade. Click here to enquire.
Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security

Invisi-Gard is a Australian made marine grade stainless steel security option that has a 156 degree angle view. Comes with a 15 year warranty.

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