Invisi-Gard is a Australian made marine grade stainless steel security option that has a 156 degree angle view. Comes with a 15 year warranty. Our products custom-made, you never have to worry about not being able to secure large or odd-shaped windows. With most break ins occurring through windows and doors – do not forget to protect your windows.

With a smooth and elegant aesthetic, Invisi-Gard is an innovative, high-security door solution that provides unobstructed views. With standard high-quality locks or the option for triple point locking systems, Invisi-Gard provides superior protection.

Compliance and Australian Standard for Security Screens

 Our products are independently tested to ensure they meet ‘Australian Standards’ which include testing for the ability to withstand a certain level of impact.

  • Security Testing Australian Standard (AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003) – Our products have passed the various regime of impact tests, jemmy and pull testing under this standard to test for the structural integrity of the product.
  • Impact Test (AS5039 – 2008) – The Impact Test is designed to simulate a physical attack such as kicking or using a heavy object to break the screen. To pass this test, the door or window screen must withstand a series of five impacts of 100J energy at a specified point, which our doors and windows did pass with ease.
  • Anti-Jemmy Test (AS5039 – 2008) – to pass the Jemmy test, the security doors must remain tightly secured when a lever is wedged to the door frame and the door’s lock and hinge, and strong mechanical force is applied. Our doors and windows passed this test with ease.
  • Pull Test (AS5039 – 2008) – The Pull Test can be performed if there is sufficient gap formed following the Jemmy Test. If no gap is achieved, there is no space to mount the Pull Test bracket. Since our products performed well in the preceding Jemmy Test, the Pull Test was not required to be done, which is an indication of the strength of our security doors and windows, which pass this test automatically.
  • Knife Shear Test (AS5039 – 2008) – To pass the test, the mesh must not allow the blade to make an incision greater than 150mm and is carried out by applying mechanical force with a heavy-duty knife three times, with a new blade each time.


Invisi-Gard is assembled using a patented pressure process with all sections held together with no visible fastening or anchor points. There are no visible screws, rivets or snap-ins in the pressure-fit mesh. This system prevents the door frame material from coming in to contact with the aluminium security screens, thereby resisting galvanic corrosion and increasing the overall lifespan of your security screen.

The minimalistic aesthetic gives it a designer look and feel. patented ‘pressure fit’ mesh retaining system technology. The strength and durability of the 316 marine grade stainless steel, together with Invisi-Gard’s patented assembly process, make it one of the toughest security, and insect screens available in the market.

What are the options available to you?

  • Available in a range of frame colours
  • Windows, Sliding doors, Hinged doors
  • Standard high-quality locks or the option for triple point locking systems on the doors

Benefits of the Invisi-Gard

  • Security and peace of mind without it being right in your face
  • A variety of impact hits, jemmy attacks, and pull testing have been applied to ensure you have a maximum-security screen which exceed Australian AS5039-2008 standards
  • A corrosion-resistant PVC ‘wrap around’ has been pressure fit on the exterior to provide you with maximum durability and ease of maintenance


Technical Specifications

  • High tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • WERS rated for UV resistance and energy efficiency
  • 15-year Invisi-Gard warranty*

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